This caught my attention while out and about on one of my walks here in town! This Mylitta Crescent Butterfly and these Beatles on this weed flower feeding.

Of course having this many Beatles in one place may not be something this farmer wants to see on his valuable crops? However on the weeds…….

This Mylitta Crescent Butterfly did not seam to care these Beatles were on the flower the Butterfly chose to land on. The Beatles were not as relaxed about sharing!

Some of the things that tend to get my curiosity when out and about haha! This spot is a marshy area this farmer does not farm but lets this parcel of land be for it is marshy! This parcel is part of a canyon that I have hiked for a couple miles before. Our town and area in general has many of these canyons. Biggest of these canyons is Lake Billy Chinook of course! Of course Lake Billy Chinook is broken up into areas, what three rivers feed Lake Billy Chinook but that is for another post….. Lake Billy Chinook is also public, connecting to the Warm Springs Tribes property. Not all these canyons we have here are found or part of public land. Many are privately owned and have been for years and years by the large and small farms and ranches we have in our area.

Thank you for coming by and checking out the photographs of the Mylitta Crescent Butterfly And Beetles that got my curiosity on this day!


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