Colors Of The Four Oclock Flowers

Welcome to our garden here in the High Desert of Oregon! I would like to show you some of our Four Oclock Flowers planted for the 2017 growing season!

Cleome Spider Flowers

Previous Next We like trying new flowers here in our garden in the High Desert of Oregon. These are no different! Guy brought home a seed pack and the flower on the front was real pretty so we figured let’s put the seeds down and see what happens! This Cleome had us going there at […]

Heliotrope Flower Bloom

Previous Next Meet the Heliotrope blooms and plant! Not sure why I do not give these container plants more attention then I do? These have to be the top fragrant flowers we have? Profuse bloomer of these purple little flowers and the foliage dose not look bad either! Here in our part of the High […]

Coneflower Blooms

Previous Next Hope your weekend went well! Meet the Coneflower and visitor from the photographs from July 25 2014 I am working on this morning. As you can see by the end of July the Coneflower are not at their peek. These Coneflower were placed in a spot facing the southern sun in front of […]

Gloriosa Daisy Blooming in September

Previous Next Meet again the Gloriosa Daisy! These flowers were still blooming in late September 2014! Unlike the Black Eyed Susan these Gloriosa Daisies have a ring of color, if not color throughout the yellow. Nice looking flowers if you ask me! Gosh does any two Gloriosa Daisies look alike? That is the question? The […]

Blooming Painted Daisy

Previous Next Meet the Painted Daisy Bloom! The Painted Daisy comes in many colors!! These were grown in the ground in 2014 and in 2015 I think I will try some in containers and see how they do here in the High Desert? All the Painted Daisies for us bloomed on the north side of […]

Moss Roses in Bloom

Previous Next Meet again the Moss Rose! These Moses Roses were in full boom and photographed on September 04 2014. We grew these in a container, since the Moss Ross seams to do better for us in a container then they grow in the ground here in the High Desert. The Moss Rose also seeds […]

Marigold Flowers Blooming in Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Marigold Flower! These photographs were taken on September 3 2014. There are several species of Marigold Flowers in this post. This photograph above is of a large headed Marigold Flower that the plant itself grows along with the blooms a good three feet high or so. The circumference is somewhat impressive […]

Gladiolus Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Gladiolus Flowers, or as I will refer to them as the, “Glad flower”! I added a few colors here for you to see they come in many colors! They are a bulb flower, meaning a hardy bulb is how they grow. I personally never had the seeds nor even seen seeds […]

Natures Little Wonders

Natures Little Wonders. This is a new shoot of a blackberry plant that we planted outside and it produced some. These blackberries do not grow here without help. We are always thinking what is going to be put in, or rearranged. Just thinking what we want outside in general. This photo was taken last year […]


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