Meet the Painted Daisy Bloom!

The Painted Daisy comes in many colors!! These were grown in the ground in 2014 and in 2015 I think I will try some in containers and see how they do here in the High Desert?

All the Painted Daisies for us bloomed on the north side of the property. I found it interesting that this plant is used as a natural insecticide…. repelling what we all consider, “bad insects”, as well as tasting nasty to the browsing creatures. I of course just think these are lovely flowers!

As for the creatures who eat the garden up… I have yet to see a squirrel in our whole town! Seeing them outside of town on a farm, however this was a couple miles from town. We do have rabbits! At one time someone released pet rabbits!! Those have pretty much disappeared, after all we do have the birds of prey and the coyotes and the pet rabbits stick out with their colors that do not do well for surviving in such a town as ours! Wild bunnies are a whole different story!! They can be little stinkers!

Since we are early risers the deer have also been seen here in town. Though people have done pretty good about running them out of the town. Nothing like having the Mule Deer eating everything in site!! Dose not mean the Mule Deer do not spend the night and leave before sunrise!

I personally had a terrible time there for a couple years with some ones pet ducks and chickens! The roosters would be under my window crowing hahahaha! I laugh for I got so mad! Now I can laugh about it ha! These pets ate up everything, so I was continually chasing them off!

The wild birds do nibble, however they really do not do all that much damage. Dogs, dogs do damage!! Why our dogs have their area! I can not do much about the dogs people do not keep at home…. charging our fence which means they have to go through the flower beds is something we just deal with. Also owners allowing their dog to urinating on our flowers is also something we just deal with.

Some flowers do great in the ground, while others do better in a container. Some flowers prefer one over the other here in our area. What you see is just a small part of a plant. The real goings on is under the soil where we can not see! So in 2015 I think I will play around with the soil and the Painted Daisy, time permitting of course!

I like these, they add some real flashy color to the flower beds!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of my Painted Daisies!


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