Fledgling Bald Eagle In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet this young Bald Eagle who lives at this time in the High Desert of Oregon! This youngster was photograph at a spot we like to go to. Being this time of the year this area was quiet of people. The dirt road was ….. well lets just say not sure how one […]

Golden Eagle Landing

Meet the biggest eagle we have in North America, the Golden Eagle! I photographed this Golden Eagle at a coyote kill in one of the most active places for such things, the nearest town of Post Oregon. This is another area where most of the land is farmed or ranched why so much wildlife activity. […]

Eagle Being Attacked by Hawks

Previous Next Our town we have quite a few larger birds of prey, as the photograph taken above of the red tailed hawk which is one of a series of photographs of the bird eating. This short series of photographs is of a eagle being attacked by the local hawks on my walk one day. […]


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