Meet this American Robin Bird fledgling!

This Robin Bird fledgling is in the Lilacs. The Lilacs even after blooming season give such things as these fledglings a nice place to hide! My observations is, the fledglings either stop here at the Lilacs if they are to young to make it to the fruit tree. Or the fledglings are to afraid to get into the fruit tree just yet?

The fruit tree is a community of birds. Different birds collect in the fruit tree of ours and perhaps the young American Robins are being taught to get to the fruit tree by the parents? I notice the adult Robins will not feed the young who are in the Lilacs. Once the fledglings reach the fruit tree then the adult will feed them.

The photographs above is a good example of a young fledgling of the American Robin. Spots, not much of a tail. These youngsters are also very loud!! I mean they are loud!! They cry for the parents. It is rather sad…. the adults must know what they are doing?

I may have photographs of the next stage after the fruit tree? I watch them so I more then likely have photographs?? After the fruit tree and more growing they will then follow the adults, the male or the female around on the ground.

Mind you the ground is the most dangerous time for these fledgling. I feel the lilacs is a dangerous time as well. This is when I find dead American Robin bird fledglings. I do spray down the Lilacs every morning , evening and when I see or even think a predator is hiding in them.

At this moment we have another predator here other then the cats. A bird of prey. However the bird of prey more then likely will move on before the Robins fledglings are old enough to get out and about?

I do have to shoot through the fence so to give the youngsters their space and not freak them out in the Lilacs, then the leaves of the Lilacs get into the way at times.

This is the last shot. I walk away when I feel I have enough photographs. I do not want to stress out the little ones. However the birds really do get used to me here! After all they are born right here and I do walk our small property at least two times a day if not more as well as being outside a lot when the second batch of fledglings are ready to leave the nests.

Thank you for coming by and seeing this American Robin Bird Fledgling!


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