Meet the Rufous Hummingbird! This is the Hummingbird we have most here at the house. The Rufous Hummers show up here for the breeding season.

The hummers like the pine trees we have here. This Hummer had followed me around so I took some photographs!

All the Hummingbirds react to the click of my camera. Pretty aggressive birds during this time of the year!

This Hummingbird was so curious that the hummingbird did not appreciate a neighbor stopping by to chat! The hummingbird dove at the neighbor I am assuming trying to run off the neighbor haha!

Hummingbirds really do get used to us! This species of Hummingbird will show back up here at the house at any time. We have had this species here for quite a few years now, do not expect 2015 to be any different.

I think this Hummingbird followed me around because I kicked up bugs? Even “talking”, back to the click of my camera haha!!

Hummingbirds do not relax very often and I just feel these Hummingbirds here at the house like to watch what I am doing as much as I like watching them!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this Rufous Hummingbirds photographs!

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