Yellow-Rumped Warbler Bird

Previous Next This Warbler stopped in to check out what was here to eat and to get a drink. He did notice that someone was watching him, and the click of the camera usually gets my subjects attention. They are not sure what that clicking is ! Up in the tree looking down on me […]

Spotted Towhee In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Spotted Towhee! The Spotted Towhee has been a constant resident here in our garden in winter clear into spring! The Spotted Towhee is a very flashy , colorful bird who is not the most social species! The Spotted Towhee likes how we leave the vegetation for the winter to hide in, […]

The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest

Previous Next Meet this baby Robin Bird! I have several posts about different Robin bird fledglings that are waiting for their meal from the adults in our fruit tree. Day to day I think of what I could make a post of? Looking through my archive of 2014 these photographs caught my attention. Perhaps a […]

Cedar Waxwing Bird in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cedar Waxwing! A very pretty bird in my opinion and when a flock of these fruit loving birds show up they have a very distinctive call! They sometimes arrive in good sized flocks of a dozen or more to the fruit trees! The Cedar Waxwings seam to like our honeysuckle we […]

Pheasant At My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Pheasant, a common game bird who is found in Oregon as well as many states here in the USA. I believed I made a post about this Pheasant, however guess I just spoke about him in social media not making a blog post about him at all! This Pheasant was living […]

Wilson’s Warbler Bird

Previous Next Meet the male Wilson’s Warbler ! This is one of our visitors to the garden and the small pond in 2014! Like a flash this man flew in to get a drink and perhaps something to eat. Being a insect songbird this small bird darts here and there. Stopping for brief times. The […]

Flying Western Meadowlark

Previous Next Meet the Western Meadowlark. Oregon state bird and one we have here in our area of the high desert of Oregon! On my walks I take around my town the Western Meadowlarks are a constant companion. Singing, flying by. We are a area the Western Meadowlarks dose not appear to be having survival […]

Junco Bird in White

Previous Next Meet the Junco Bird who spends time here at the house. This one I thought was special due to the white feathers on the back and…. A lot of white on the tail feathers, and….. The white chin feathers! We have many Junco Birds here though this one stood out due to the […]

Harris’s Sparrow Bird in The High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next I want to introduce you to a new bird, for me as well! Meet the Harris’s Sparrow! Sometimes we have visitors show up here who are different! This pretty bird showed up with the White Crowed Sparrows, obviously not a white crowned sparrow! The White-Crowned Sparrow fledgling flew off and it just seamed […]

European Starling of the High Desert

Previous Next Meet one of the most hated birds in our area, the European Starling, or just plain old Common Starling. Some report that Shakespeare himself brought it here, then others claim a Shakespeare fan brought them here to America. I personally think a fan brought them here, this is nothing more then my thoughts. […]


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