Baby Elk Calves Of The Ochoco Mountains

Previous Next It is the time of the year to see the young wildlife! The Ochoco Mountains is knows for the wildlife, big and small. Flying or running, or as you who have been following my photography for the years I have been doing this, the wildlife may just be grazing and/or resting. We do […]

American Goldfinch Fledgling

Previous Next Meet this American Goldfinch Fledgling. This one is older then the others I have shown in another post! This one has his color coming in. Not quite all the way yet, but we can identify him as a American Goldfinch. As with many places the American Goldfinch finds everything the bird needs here […]

American Goldfinch and Fledglings

Previous Next Meet the American Goldfinch Fledglings! Because we have the Lesser Goldfinch here in Oregon and they show up at the house as well, I use some of my photography only for identification purposes, this is the case with these shots I am sharing with you. The American Goldfinch Fledglings are very noisy! I […]

American Robin Bird Fledgling

Previous Next Meet this American Robin Bird fledgling! This Robin Bird fledgling is in the Lilacs. The Lilacs even after blooming season give such things as these fledglings a nice place to hide! My observations is, the fledglings either stop here at the Lilacs if they are to young to make it to the fruit […]

The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest

Previous Next Meet this baby Robin Bird! I have several posts about different Robin bird fledglings that are waiting for their meal from the adults in our fruit tree. Day to day I think of what I could make a post of? Looking through my archive of 2014 these photographs caught my attention. Perhaps a […]

Finch Fledgling Begging For Food

Previous Next Meet the wild Finches! This is the first one who got my attention! The Finches are year round song birds here at the house! The fledgling ( baby ), is the one in the background. The Fledgling baby and the adult are hanging out, with a junco bird in the background. The Fledgling […]


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