Meet the American Goldfinch Fledglings!

Because we have the Lesser Goldfinch here in Oregon and they show up at the house as well, I use some of my photography only for identification purposes, this is the case with these shots I am sharing with you. The American Goldfinch Fledglings are very noisy! I can not express to you how noisy these babies really are!! This is how the fledglings got my attention, the begging almost made me want to feed them myself haha! I spend a lot of time on identification of whatever species I happen to photograph. If I happen to get stuck on a identification or Guy and I disagree with a identification of whatever I have been known to contact someone to help with identification. As with one of the hawk species I photographed, even though I contacted someone in the field of birds of prey, Guy is still being obstinate that he is right ….. it makes for good conversation here at home!

I have went back to this series of photographs, (there are many more photographs in this series), for the fledglings and females just do not look like the males that everyone thinks of as The American Goldfinch. The males being the flashy, pretty ones that people like to photograph and think of as the American Goldfinch. Thank you for checking out these identification photographs I took here at home! Identification photographs are not for anything but id……

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    1. Thank you Girl Gone Expat! These photographs are used for identification purposes and the photo’s where he was feeding them were not worth showing the public haha 😉 I have used this series several times for id purposes 🙂

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