Meet this baby Robin Bird! I have several posts about different Robin bird fledglings that are waiting for their meal from the adults in our fruit tree.

Day to day I think of what I could make a post of? Looking through my archive of 2014 these photographs caught my attention. Perhaps a post in facebook someone made about the Robin birds showing up at his house was still in my mind? We have had the Robins all year around lately. During spring and summer we have been having the fledglings.

I think I have mentioned before about this tree? This tree hangs over our six foot fence which is part of the, “No Cat Zone”. This is what I call it for no cats are allowed in the space! Perfect for the birds, and their babies! This area is as safe for the birds as I can make it. The ponds are in this space. The raspberries and this fruit tree.

This tree is not safe to have nests in for it is a community spot for the birds to gather. The “baby”, birds are called fledglings. When the baby birds get to the point they can leave the nest it has became a thing for the Robin birds to bring their babies to this tree! Here the babies wait for their meal of raspberries and worms – is what I observed.

These baby Robins are also placed pretty close to me as you can see from the photographs here and in the other posts. The other species of birds are not so kind to the babies. Food and safety is the key. If the baby Robins happen to fall for some unknown reason they will fall within the kennel where I pay attention and can help if need be. Gosh I think I have spoken about the fledglings that have falling, or gotten into the kennel somehow in which I have fetched out of the pond, or helped in some way…..

In fact you can see some of these shots I had to get down and blur with my lens the kennel, this is the X or the boxes you can see. Some of the photographs you can see this more then the others.

I think the baby Robins are cute, from the front side ha! Their tail feathers are not developed yet. You have to be careful if you are sitting in the shade of this tree when the baby birds are around haha! You may have a surprise drop on your head… how do I know these things ha

These baby birds can also get quite loud!! Sometimes such as the American Goldfinch babies, you want to stick food in their mouths just to get them to shut up after hours of their screams haha!

The Robin bird babies are loud, however typically there is only one. The Robin can have more then one egg hatch and the hatchlings may survive for a time, however my observations are not all of them survive to the point of being left in the tree to wait.

My observation has been when their is more then one “baby” Robin bird grow to the stage of learning how to fend for themselves the adult Robins teaches the two or more “babies”, to fend for themselves the babies follow the adult Robin around the garden and are taught how to detect such things as worms in the soil. This is also the time when the Robin babies are killed the most by cats and when you spend time with such a thing and watch it develop and grow it hurts to find them after they are killed. I have been accused of being mean to cats due to spraying them with the hose and running them away from the bird area. I tell the owners of these cats I have rules here on MY property.

It seams to me to find and the act of catching worms is more then just the use of eye site. Tapping the ground causes the worms to move…. moving causes motion and this motion I feel is felt by the birds. You yourself can take time out to just watch this behavior. It is quite interesting to some of us. The “baby”, birds have to learn this if they want to eat. The adults will not feed these baby birds forever!

I am outside quite a lot during this time of the year, this set of photographs was taken in June. The birds and other visitors get used to my routine, me being outside. Hence how I get the photographs I do here at home.

The Raspberries are one of the favorite foods of several birds, the Robin bird being one of the birds who like the Raspberries and we really do not get many of the berries! We rather just let the birds and other creatures have them, though daily I am cutting back, pulling out or doing something with the raspberries so they do not get out of hand! The dogs even help by chewing on, ripping out some of the raspberry stalks and leaves.

The young Robin birds need to be careful around the ponds due to the drowning factor. When the baby birds get just a little older then this one here they will start bathing themselves and getting drinks themselves. I have places rocks and such just so the birds have something to help if and when they ever fall into one of the small ponds we have. Even making sure the ponds do not have a drop off point when the baby birds bath, or just get a drink.

This is where the fruit comes in, the baby birds get their liquids from the juice of the fruit the adults give them. I am sure from the insects as well?

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of this Robin bird (as the frogs are just singing to each other as I write this haha. The frogs always make me laugh). I hope I did not ramble to much? I do spend a lot of time just watching the things I photograph. One can learn quite a lot just by observing…..


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