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White-crowned Sparrow Stopped By

20 Apr 2011

I just had a little friends stop by. This little one seamed to be the boldest of them all and allowed me these photographs.

Something I just read about these white crowned sparrows is, they can stay awake up to two weeks while migrating, is that cool or what? Just think what we could get done if we could stay awake that long? BUT than again that might not be to good on our bodies.

In my research I found a adult leucophrys, which is supposedly a sub species of the White-Crowned Sparrow which this bird is.

Since I first published this four to five years back, (I will go look at the first publication date and add it), this bird has set up shop at our place. They arrive late summerish and stay.... well here it is 2015 almost May and they are singing outside as I write this..

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