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Red-breasted Nuthatch by Coralie

19 Sep 2013

We had yet another visitor to the garden just the other day!

I do not believe I have seen this little one here before in Jefferson Count Oregon? We are a small town here and not exactly a spot to find such a bird. However we did have another species of woodpecker show up just the other day (other then the flicker) as well as a owl here too so this might be a good year for migration?

These nuthatches are quick!! Dang..... here one second BAM, there another second! This one was actually thirsty, so stopped by for a drink of water from one of our little ponds.

This little one was only here for a very brief time. They reminded me of myself who can not sit still either!

This is a example of how truly small this bird is. The chain link fence is a standard, everyday fence. You could fit two of these birds in one of the squares!

Of course I am big on anything flying if I can get the shot!

I did find a good Oregon State (link is external) website where you can read about this visitors and a link is there to hear their song!

Thank you for coming by!

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