On this day in September of 2014 the day was cloudy. I still got some photographs.

The sunflower is a yearly flower we grow for the beauty and for the birds. The colorful sunflower above has the tiny black sunflower seeds that contain oils that the big seeds contain, though not as much as the small black seeds.

With the white of the clouds this beauty still has a way of getting attention with its flashy colors!

Of course no garden is complete without the yellow sunflowers!

As you can see I do not cut off the new buds that start growing so the stalks do get top heavy with blooms.

The Sunflowers are a huge attraction for the birds! We do like them to grow along the 6′ fence so the Sunflowers when (not if but when), the stalk get to heavy they have a place to lean or we can tie the stalks up to the fence.

2014 was a strange year for weather. The seeds were gobbled up quicker then previous years. We do leave the stalks up all winter long for the birds to use as perches, bedding or to find something usable on them. Then comes the time in springish to start putting the stalks in the mulch machine to add to the soil.

The Sunflower stalks also do well for keeping up the other flowers we grow here. Many flowers in our garden grow tall and get top heavy. The stalks are growing poles for the other flowers to use. Talking about attracting bee’s!! All kinds of bee’s love the Sunflower! In other posts I write about the BUZZZZZZZ that goes on here during peak growing times!

These are the photographs from this september cloudy day. Someone asked that their be more color, well my flower album is full of color and I have so many more floral photography to show….. I am getting through the 2014 photographs as I can. I do photograph every day. Winter is my slow time. Lets face it , winter time is COLD hahahahaha

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photography!

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