Flight of The Bumble Bee

Previous Next Meet one of my visitors! I have shown other photographs gotten of what I call a bumblebee. This little series of shots taken in June of 2014 are on one of my many Lupine Flowers. My observation of everything around me began as a child as many peoples had. I just never stopped. […]

Flying Western Meadowlark

Previous Next Meet the Western Meadowlark. Oregon state bird and one we have here in our area of the high desert of Oregon! On my walks I take around my town the Western Meadowlarks are a constant companion. Singing, flying by. We are a area the Western Meadowlarks dose not appear to be having survival […]

Sunflowers From My Garden

Previous Next On this day in September of 2014 the day was cloudy. I still got some photographs. The sunflower is a yearly flower we grow for the beauty and for the birds. The colorful sunflower above has the tiny black sunflower seeds that contain oils that the big seeds contain, though not as much […]

Hanging Out With A Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Previous Next This is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Very small and quick bird! I do get a good archive of photographs going of one species of wildlife. This Ruby-crowned Kinglet is no different. Na you can not tell he knows I am here photographing him in this shot! HA I named the shot below “flying”, however […]

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Washing Himself

Previous Next One of the small birds who have been here before showed up, the only difference this time is….. the little bird perched not far from me! Folks who keep up with my photography know home is where the heart is and I spend a lot of my time just watching the visitors show […]

Hummingbird On The Honeysuckle

Previous Next Honeysuckle is very popular with the hummingbirds! First published 9-08-2010. Since then one of these photographs got published as one of the best photographs of that year.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Previous Next We came across many of these caterpillars feeding on Nettle and some other plants. I believe it was stinging nettle, however the plant it was feeding on was not the subject I was photographing. These beautiful Caterpillars is what I was photographing. The Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar is supposed to be the red/orange […]


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