Yellow Rose

yellow roses T38A2200

Previous Next This is our Yellow Rose we have had here for quite sometime. We got this rose some years back when we found it growing on the desert floor, a little cutting is all it took! Talk about thorns !! Even the birds like this rose , even with the thorns. Prolific one time […]

Comma Butterfly In The Cascade Mountains

Comma butterfly 763

Previous Next I have my spots I stop at up in the Cascade Mountains, well most places I have my set spots I have had history of photographing the wildlife. This spot tends to have species of butterflies stop to get drinks, never know what I am going to photograph! Just know I am going […]

Buffalo In Oregon

Previous Next Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo! The leader of this pack determined by the quick observation I had was the one who was caught rolling around in images 8-9-10. What that one said went! This small group of 6 or so did not walk to their fence but ran, we have had […]

Cultus Lake Oregon

Cultus Lake

Previous Next One thing to be sure of here in Oregon is? We do have magnificent views! We like going to such places as Cultus Lake on the off seasons when tourists are not here. With tourism at a all time high here in our part of Oregon I like to show you when the […]

Wood-nymph Butterfly

Previous Next Meet the Wood-nymph Butterfly! See the Butterflies eye spots? This Wood-nymph Butterfly is feeding on these wildflowers. As you look through this series of photographs, watch this Wood-nymph Butterflies face. You can clearly see this Wood-nymph Butterfly feeding! The Wood-nymph Butterfly comes in several sizes and the colors can be different as well. […]

Viceroy Butterfly In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Viceroy Butterfly! Pretty Butterfly right? I learned of this Butterfly actually on facebook….. a wildlife place was posting the difference of the Viceroy Butterfly, and the Monarch Butterfly. I thought it looked familiar, as if I had photographed the Viceroy Butterfly before. Sure enough when I came upon this photo album […]

Lazuli Bunting birds Visiting

Previous Next Meet the Lazuli Bunting bird. Isn’t he pretty? I had to be in my archive yesterday. I came upon these photographs I have never shared before. Actually, it looks as if I did not look through this whole file….. ? These days I put notes for myself in my photography albums of what […]

Spadefoot Toad Back in Oregon

Previous Next Meet again the Spadefoot Toad that lives here at our property showing up once in a while in our pond. Since our weather has been warm for this time of the year, I started watering. The next morning this Spadefoot Toad was in this fabricated pond. We placed these fabricated ponds into our […]

American Robin Bird Fledgling

Previous Next Meet this American Robin Bird fledgling! This Robin Bird fledgling is in the Lilacs. The Lilacs even after blooming season give such things as these fledglings a nice place to hide! My observations is, the fledglings either stop here at the Lilacs if they are to young to make it to the fruit […]

Gloriosa Daisy Blooming in September

Previous Next Meet again the Gloriosa Daisy! These flowers were still blooming in late September 2014! Unlike the Black Eyed Susan these Gloriosa Daisies have a ring of color, if not color throughout the yellow. Nice looking flowers if you ask me! Gosh does any two Gloriosa Daisies look alike? That is the question? The […]


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