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Flowers of all shapes and colors! From garden flowers to wildflowers! Primarily from Central to Eastern Oregon , including the Cascade Mountains and the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon.

Variety of Moss Rose Flower Colors

21 Feb 2015

Meet the Moss Rose Flower! This is a species of flower I really do insist on having every year. I like them, I really like them! Continue reading

Sweet William Flowers

21 Feb 2015

Meet the Sweet William Flowers part of the Dianthus family of flowers! Continue reading

Sunflowers From My Garden

09 Jan 2015

On this day in September of 2014 the day was cloudy. I still got some photographs. Continue reading

Verbena Flower Blooms

23 Dec 2014

Meet the Verbena Flower. Some folks may know them called other names? I need some color who knows you may as well? Continue reading

Cheerful Sunflowers

09 Dec 2014

The cold weather is upon us and I need some color!! Being avid gardeners I thought I would share some color of the Sunflowers from. Continue reading

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