The Iris Patch has started blooming!

This Bright Yellow Bearded Iris Flower is a new bloomer! We were tickled to see the Flower!

I went and thinned out the Iris Patch last year! This Iris thanked us with these blooms!

You can see this Bright Yellow Bearded Iris stands out from the Purple Bearded Iris! I did think the line was all the Purple Bearded Iris’s. I kept them there just in case someone comes by and chop down our Bearded Iris Flowers to steal as they had before. Keeping the Bearded Iris Blooms that meant something to us further back and harder to get to.

I may just move this Bearded Iris to another spot after the season is done…… I want all those Purple Bearded Iris in front.

This is just the start of blooming of our Bearded Iris Patch. Why Bearded Iris flowers? We like the tall Bearded Iris. We both will go out of our way to find that Bearded Iris to add to our Patch. Last year with the “extra”, Bearded Iris tubes Guy took those and placed them all around the property. Making another patch out front where we were having a hard time controlling the cucumbers. The Iris Flowers, and growing the cucumbers back a couple feet should help control the cucumbers? Cucumbers grow well here, (now that I said that watch them not produce this year hahahaha).

Bearded Iris Flowers have that, “Beard”, that is actually peddles of the flower. Other kinds of Iris do not have that “beard”, and I might add there are many of us gardeners who seek out the Bearded Iris with all their different colors, sizes, and bloom count and we get rather …… we will pay the price to the breeder of the Iris flower we just have to have! If the Bearded Iris is cut, typically that is it for the season. Not all, some will produce again, however not all of them. One time bloom is all we get, so many of us Iris Gardeners will wait for that one special bloom! If you buy cut Iris Flowers, this is why they cost what they do!! The blooms do last longer then some flowers in the garden. I have no clue about the cut flowers?

Thank you for coming by and seeing this Bright Yellow Bearded Iris Bloom! I am sure I will have more Bearded Iris Flower photographs soon enough!

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