Meet the Wood-nymph Butterfly! See the Butterflies eye spots?

This Wood-nymph Butterfly is feeding on these wildflowers. As you look through this series of photographs, watch this Wood-nymph Butterflies face. You can clearly see this Wood-nymph Butterfly feeding!

The Wood-nymph Butterfly comes in several sizes and the colors can be different as well. This species is found here in Oregon. To be more pacific of where I photographed this Wood-nymph Butterfly I photographed this one in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon.

You will here me talk a lot of the Ochoco Mountains for we like the Ochoco Mountains a great deal! If you are looking for the big animals deer, elk even Wild Horses that kind of thing, the Ochoco Mountains has those more so then my observations of the Cascade Mountains. The Cascade Mountains it has been our experience of more people then the Ochoco Mountains has, but for hunting season. Hunting season is a crazy time of the year. The Cascade Mountains has the tourists, the Ochoco Mountains has the hunters. That might be easier to explain the two mountain ranges?

We like the quietness and the abundance of all kinds of Wildlife in the Ochoco Mountains! I am not a big snow person, as you can find year round in the Cascade Mountains. Cascades are also found in the Ochoco Mountains, not like the Cascade Mountains of course, many more Cascades in the Cascade Mountains!

Depends what you are looking for, wanting? The Ochoco Mountains in Spring and Summer is a Butterfly persons wonderland!

It is getting to be that time of the year where it is time to head back into the Ochoco Mountains! The wildflowers should be about to bloom if they have not started? Our Lupine and other native species are about to bloom at any time here at home. We live in between the Cascade Mountains to the west of us, and the Ochoco Mountains to the east of us. Which direction do we want to go ?

I left this Wood-nymph Butterfly feeding on these Wildflowers. There is no need to spend to much time with one species of Butterfly for there is so many more to photograph! Most times the Butterflies cooperate with me and my camera. Other times I would love to be a fly on the wall watching haha!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my Wood-nymph Butterfly Photographs!

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