Mule Deer Doe and Fawns

Previous Next Mule Deer is what you will commonly see here on this side of the Cascade Mountains here in Oregon. The Mule Deer are a big species of deer here in the USA and do blend right in with their surroundings. Seeing a Doe with more then one fawn is a neat thing to […]

Curious Mule Deer Fawn

Previous Next Meet this Mule Deer Fawn who was so curious! The rest of the herd is on the other side of me, this fawn got separated from the group as I made my way through this area that was full of butterflies! Sometimes such things as this fawn are the critters I do run […]

Mule Deer Bucks of The High Desert Of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Mule Deer Bucks of the High Desert. Guy (my other half), claims I do not show my photographs of the Mule Deer Bucks enough. So, I thought I would show some of the photographs of the Mule Deer Bucks I have photographed here in the High Desert. The man above I […]

Sisters Mountains and The Mule Deer

Previous Next Photographs like these do not come around a whole lot. This is a set of photographs of the Mule Deer and Faith, Hope and Charity commonly known as The Sisters Mountains. Everyone who follows me knows how I feel about nature and wildlife  and to get these photographs I am rather tickled. At […]

Peeking Out From The Tree

To see what he can see! This mule deer buck really was curious as to what I was doing and he liked the tree in which he was using for security!

Deer Can Be Funny

Previous Next The mule deer have their own personalities. This is a given to us who watch them, photograph them. Here are some shots I got of the Mule Deer hiding behind the juniper trees and brush or peeking out of where they can to watch me watching them! One doe is so afraid she […]

Lopsided One Antler Buck

Previous Next It is that time of the year again. The bucks are loosing their antlers. This buck looks rather funny doesn’t he with only one antler? It has to be uncomfortable to run and such with the wight on one side!


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