Meet this Mule Deer Fawn who was so curious! The rest of the herd is on the other side of me, this fawn got separated from the group as I made my way through this area that was full of butterflies!

Sometimes such things as this fawn are the critters I do run into here in our town. Actually this is a private farm I have permission to be on to do my wildlife photography. As you can see in the background the corn at this time was getting pretty high. This spot has several things I have photographed in the past, coyotes,owls,osprey,herons,Mule Deer of all shapes and sizes, Hawks, Bald eagles, Golden Eagles and I can keep going and going. The farmer who owns this land knows of all the critters he has and protects the land. Stopping those who do not belong. The No hunting the boss man expressed to me is good for wildlife photography! The bossman has even pointed me to locations for me to check out and photograph the residents.

The curious Mule Deer Fawn had enough at this point. Not bold enough to cross my path to the rest of the herd which I did get a glimpse of. They were all bedded down not expecting a women with a camera to show up! It was obvious the herd of Mule Deer did not know what I was and since coyotes are present where we live, the first instincts of the Mule Deer is to run!

This curious Mule Deer Fawn run across my path, separating itself from the others. Confused, scared and not sure what to do? If you watch these youngsters in such a situation they do this mouthing thing. It is rather sad, or at least I think so. I of course did not want to freak the little one out. As you can see the weeds are taller then both of us! Even younger fawns will curl up around anything they can hide themselves at and stay put, waiting for mother to draw away the threat. Do not confuse this behavior with the doe abandoning the fawn! You may just steal a baby away from its mother thinking you are, “saving”, the critter. Ignorance is not always pretty.

Which brings up a time I was working in a remote location on a ranch and my Australian Shepherds working as a team brought a Mule Deer Buck right to me, at full speed! That sound if you know what I mean stays with you the rest of your life! Those two Aussies must of thought they were bringing me some kind of special thing they found? I stayed put when the Mule Deer Buck was coming at me for if I moved and the Buck moved…… well things may not have turned out so well for me. Lets face it, it may have been some time before anyone found me out there if I got hurt!

Anyways those two Aussies did give me some entertainment, all for free! The two did those antics a couple times….. I did not have the heart to punish them for what comes natural for such a breed of dog as those two were. The sound of those hooves coming is something that gets put into a special box, upon a shelf in ones brain. In all these years such things do come in handy when you are photographing wildlife…….

See the nice new shiny fence the boss man had his guys put in? I have spoken about that fence installation on twitter. They did a great job, however to the critters this fence is new at this time as well! If anyone knows anything about the Mule Deer such a fence will keep them out for long, but it does give them something to think about. Double fencing is common in some areas that do want to keep out such things as the Mule Deer, Antelope too! Pronghorns to some folks. Most of the time it is a winless battle against such critters.

However the fence is new to this fawn and the fawn was not sure what to do? The photograph above is the little one off the ground thinking that way is the way to go. Fence of course being new…..

I wondered if the curious Fawn was going to run right into the fence….. I kept a eye on it until the little one realized it was not big enough or experienced enough to jump over that new fence as perhaps its elders were. The fawn turned and went down the fence line. I kept a eye on the fawn until I could no longer see the Fawn. The herd was near, they wont leave a fawn behind. At least the doe wont!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this series of photographs from our town here in Oregon!

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