Photographs like these do not come around a whole lot. This is a set of photographs of the Mule Deer and Faith, Hope and Charity commonly known as The Sisters Mountains.

Everyone who follows me knows how I feel about nature and wildlife  and to get these photographs I am rather tickled. At the right place, and the right time.

These Mule Deer know the canyon is right there. If they do run they have to run either right or left. The trick is to keep the Mule Deer calm, as you take the photographs. At least calm long enough to get the shots off you want.

Some of the older Mule Deer were more interested in eating then what I was doing. I stayed far enough away from them that they just kept doing what they were doing. The younger mule deer did not know what to do?

The younger ones look to the older ones for what to do.

In one of the shots you can see two young mule deer, one of these young is hiding behind the older mule deer.

The Sisters Mountains are a set of three mountains. Middle, South and North Sister. The Middle Sister Mountain hides behind the North Sister,  she is bashful HAHA! In all the photographs but one you can see the Middle Sister hiding, peeking her head out far enough to see what is going on.

The Sisters Mountains our part of our Cascade Mountain range. They are volcanoes, rumor has it they are active. Climbing the Sisters Mountain you maybe be able to say you have climbed over 10,000 feet, not sure how many reach the top??

The Sisters Mountains have 15 known glaciers among them. The whole state of Oregon has 35, so this is a good portion of our glaciers here. It can get real cold up in the Sisters!!

The North Sisters is the oldest sister. She will not tell her age as many ladies have been taught not to do. Scientist feel she is not quite 170,000 years old. Now the South Sister is believed to be older than  the Wisconsin glaciation, so what I have read she is around 25,000 years old. I also read in a 1987 report saying that she was active as recent as 2000 years ago, though as I have heard the rumor around here has it that activity is going on now within the Sisters.

Anyhoo I do not want to bore you with all the logistics, but our Cascade Mountains are interesting, they are pretty, and it is very cool to see them from the town of Sisters Oregon!! Though our views are ok too haha! Guy is saying we have better views for we can see them all!


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