Mason Bee Have Emerged

Previous Next Meet the tiny Mason Bee. These tiny bee’s emerge well, now in the High Desert of Oregon! So far only a couple have been observed and photographed within the last two days. Since they are still skittish I feel they have just emerged! We get many creatures showing up here for our garden […]

Swallowtail Butterfly On The Orange Lily Flower

yellowtail butterfly on the orange lily flower 1677

Previous Next Our Lily flowers got a visitor! This Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly! I think the Swallowtails come to the Lily patch for drinks myself! Even though we try hard not to over head water the Lily flowers! Getting a drink is what this Swallowtail Butterfly looks like it is doing to me! The Yellow of […]

Vivid Dancer Dragonfly Eating A Spider

Previous Next Meet the Vivid Dancer Dragonfly! I captured this one eating what I think is a spider!? Dragonflies are great helpers when it comes to controlling insects! I think I see wings there, so perhaps that is not a spider? This happening was not captured here at the house, but in a area I […]

Bumblebee Hard At Work

Previous Next Meet again this Bumblebee! This Bumblebee is working on a Foxglove Flower, even this big Bumblebee can still fit into the flower blooms! This Bumblebee acts aggressive but really, never had a bad experience. This species will challenge you by aggressively flying quickly into your face, or check you out by circling you. […]

Mud Dauber Wasp in The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Mud Dauber Wasp that we have at our pond getting what else? Mud! At this stage of the game these Mud Dauber Wasps have never given me any reason to think they are aggressive. They come for the mud provided by this small pond of ours. Never have seen them at […]

Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon. Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many […]

Hoverfly On The Cosmos Flower Bloom

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly. I have several other posts of the Hoverfly. This Hoverfly is busy on a Cosmos Flower Bloom. Hoverflies are beneficial to our gardens! I ran across someones post gosh it was lately, however I cant remember whose? As if I would name drop anyways which I try not to do….. […]

Oregon Red Admiral Butterfly

Previous Next Meet the Red Admiral Butterfly. These photographs were taken right here at home on the Raspberry leaves on June 6 , 2014. One thing to note, we grow the Raspberries around our small ponds where the Raspberries can get the water they need here in the High Desert of Oregon without having to […]

White-lined Sphinx and the Foxglove Flowers

Previous Next Meet the White-lined Sphinx. I call them hummingbird moths, always have and wrong or not I can remember this name quite easily ha! I was already in the middle of my outside chores when this moth showed up at these Foxglove flowers in this part of the garden and it seamed to make […]

Flight of The Bumble Bee

Previous Next Meet one of my visitors! I have shown other photographs gotten of what I call a bumblebee. This little series of shots taken in June of 2014 are on one of my many Lupine Flowers. My observation of everything around me began as a child as many peoples had. I just never stopped. […]


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