Meet the White-lined Sphinx. I call them hummingbird moths, always have and wrong or not I can remember this name quite easily ha!

I was already in the middle of my outside chores when this moth showed up at these Foxglove flowers in this part of the garden and it seamed to make a difference due to how close the White-lined Sphinx let me get? It already new I was out there….

Along with the hummingbirds, these White-lined Sphinx moths also like the Foxglove flowers. The difference in these is, they do not make that humming sound. Though big enough to catch the eye.

Only down side to having such things here in our garden, along with butterflies is they do eat some of our plants,fruit, veggies etc.. when they are young. I think it is worth the photographs and enjoyment we get watching them?

The Foxglove Flower there is pretty easy to grow. If you do choose to grow this flower make sure you contain it somehow if it grows where you live as well as it grows here! Like every living thing, it will take over the world if it is allowed to and you do not want anything such as puppies, kitten, livestock thinking it is a meal. It is ONLY for the flowers to attract the wildlife like this White-lined Sphinx moth, and bumblebees really enjoy this flower!

The series of photographs of this White-lined Sphinx moth feeding on this patch of foxglove flower is pretty large so I will leave it at these photographs. I did show another photograph there on twitter of a photograph of one of these flying to the Foxglove flowers as it went further away , giving a good example of the size to the flowers.

Thank you for checking out this series of shots of this day of the White-lined Sphinx moth and the Foxglove Flowers!

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