Meet the tiny Mason Bee. These tiny bee’s emerge well, now in the High Desert of Oregon!

So far only a couple have been observed and photographed within the last two days. Since they are still skittish I feel they have just emerged! We get many creatures showing up here for our garden is starting to bloom, so the flowers attract many creatures. We also just happen to have a Pine Tree in which I am just throwing a thought out there, this might be where these bees are nesting at??

Some folks feel bigger is better. Well, you know small is pretty good too! Many people just do not pay attention to how busy their place might be! I also feel if you can photograph such small creatures, you can photograph anything! Go on outside and give it a go!

I like the colors of these small creatures! I do not care for how quick they are for it is more work for me, but that is ok too haha!

I feel these insects are beneficial to the garden. Why? They pollinate! Not so sure if their nesting habits coincide with everyone? Any insect, even the Honey Bee can turn out to be problematic! Just ask someone who has had a nest in the wall of their home, or the roof or where ever! I even had a nest of ladybugs (lady birds), in a attic of a farm house I once lived in!

For these Mason Bee’s I look at them as beneficial!

I wanted to throw the photograph in above of the same Mason Bee on a different color of our Columbine Flowers. This is an example of the act of pollinating! Sure to the insect in question, this just happens to be this small bee. The insect is just doing what the species has done since the beginning of their existence, however to a gardener this is pretty darn cool when seeds start to form of any flowering plant just because the insects want to eat!

The little things in life are not so bad! Sure folks may not see what you are observing, paying attention to by far or because they are blind and can not see….. however do we really care? Should we kill off these small insects with poisons just because a person does not understand how the life cycle goes within nature?

Education is the key and I personally like most of the small creatures who show up here at the garden! Hope you liked my photographs of this creature and hope you get out there and see these bee’s and the other small creatures that are around you!

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