Comma Butterfly In The Cascade Mountains

Comma butterfly 763

Previous Next I have my spots I stop at up in the Cascade Mountains, well most places I have my set spots I have had history of photographing the wildlife. This spot tends to have species of butterflies stop to get drinks, never know what I am going to photograph! Just know I am going […]

Hiking Mt Jefferson Wilderness Cascade Mountains Oregon

mount jefferson wilderness t

Previous Next Welcome to my write up with my photography about hiking this trail up in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness ! We have hiked this trail several times, I will do write ups on each of these times. Showing of course the photography of each of our hikes! This day started early for early is […]

Cultus Lake Oregon

Cultus Lake

Previous Next One thing to be sure of here in Oregon is? We do have magnificent views! We like going to such places as Cultus Lake on the off seasons when tourists are not here. With tourism at a all time high here in our part of Oregon I like to show you when the […]

Campfire On The Trail

Previous Next These photographs were taken on one of our hikes into the mountains we have here in Oregon!  When I first  shared my photography over at  posterous, (remember that place, I loved that place), all I would really write is just a brief description of my photographs and what is going on that day. […]

Mount Jefferson Oregon

Previous Next Meet Mount. Jefferson on the Cascade Mountain range here in Oregon! Mount Jefferson just happens to also be our counties namesake, Jefferson County Oregon. Being in Bend Oregon I recall telling the lady just point me in the direction of our mountain and I can get us home ha! Not being from the […]

Sahalie Falls Nature Photography Pacific Northwest Oregon

Previous Next One thing you can be sure of, the Cascade Mountains are named Cascades for a reason – Plenty of waterfalls!!  This is Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River. These were taken last year when we crossed over the Cascade Mountains. Usually a lot of people are at this spot, and this visit was […]

Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next What is interesting to me, got me thinking (oh oh she is thinking again ha), we are central Oregon BUT we are not central Oregon.  We are not included in many central Oregon happenings. People think of Bend and Redmond when thinking of Central Oregon. Why is this to the outside world? Because […]

View from the old Public Corral

View from the old Public Corral. This is what the horses at the public corral get to look at all day. We do have a few public corrals here that are still in use for the public to use. Of course the photo is formed at the bottom of the horses back that was there […]

A Walk Around The Cascades

Previous Next The Cascade Mountains are named because of the cascades within them. It is a treat to get to see a cascade that is full of water. These small waterfalls can be very fun!! Very slippery, so be careful while I show you around!! Now it is rather easy to take many photographs, you […]


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