Living in Jefferson County Oregon one thing is true, we have fires.

We also have VERY good fire fighters here! Everyone gets in the act. Water is turned on, volunteers stop what they are doing and jump in their trucks and off they run to whatever fire happens to break out!

I have a healthy fear of fire. Nothing real bad, just a healthy fear.

Guy and I were hanging out after Guy got home from work and I was photographing frogs, butterflies, flowers. That natural evening sun is really nice for such things!

Guy pointed out the plum of smoke, getting bigger and bigger.

I than took my eyes off what I was photographing and looked up to see what he was talking about.

Guy must of noticed I was worrying, for he said ok come on!! We jumped in the truck only to show me that this fire was not close to us.

Then of course down the road we went. Now, I do not give exact detail locations of where I photograph all the wildlife I get. These back roads and the dirt roads, canal roads etc.. are what we drive and I have walked MANY of them! These back roads are how we get to the canyon, so in other words our stomping grounds were on fire!

The fire was not as big as it looked, and information can be read here . Usually I do not photograph such things, but ….

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