This is the Golden-Crowned Sparrow. Biggest sparrow we have here and we have big flocks of them at times here at the house. Beautiful song comes from these song birds!!

The Golden-Crowned Sparrows are also a smart species, like all sparrows I guess? Seen at bird feeders, or gardens looking for that something to eat as the one in the photograph is doing at one of our little ponds. I watch these sparrows quite a lot for they are one of the common birds here at the house.

Some of you who keep up with my twitter or facebook page may remember a hurt one who I found inside the house? This flock has watched my morning routine and learned where I keep the bird seed at, and learned the door is kept open for the dogs to come and go.  The dogs have been taught from puppyhood that birds are left alone. With this said some birds actually steal food from the dogs bucket inside the house or outside the house! Never have actually hurt one of these birds after they had grown up. So the birds do what birds do, and as soon as they see me they take off. The dogs do get to come and go as they please.

I have a lot of cages around!! So many more in the past, but I do not need them now. Heck I even had custom cages made up one time. There is one bird cage outside, this cage was used as a carrying cage for my parrot who passed on. Now this cage is a table for a large flower pot that in winter time the flower seeds are wintering within the soil.

Yesterday my Australian shepherd was acting funny. Well, this is not a new thing with her.  She is rather funny! This was not the normal “funny”. Something was wrong….. We who pay attention to critters know when they are saying, hey something wrong here!!

I followed my little girl as she went into the snow and stopped. It was getting on evening and gosh it was cold with no boots or even socks on. I was not dressed to go outside! However, it looked like I was going to have to get more cloths on then what I had!

I finally heard then seen what my little girl was trying to tell me! A young Golden-Crowned Sparrow somehow got into my parrot carrying cage!! Mind you this cage is not made for little birds. The wire is to wide. So how on earth did this Golden-Crowned Sparrow get into this cage??

With the frantic chirping and the obvious distress of this little wild Golden Crowned Sparrow was in I had to do something!! I really had no idea how long this bird had been trapped in this cage? I did notice all the birds went real quiet , so the only bird making any noise was this Golden Crowned Sparrow.

I went inside and got some sweats on and did not bother with my boots. I was not going to be outside that long! Since I have not used this cage for a cage but for a table for the potted plant for so long I did not realize where the door was to open the cage? I did find it and opened it up! The Golden Crowned Sparrow took off like a flash of light!! FREEDOM!

How on earth that bird got into this cage with no open doors is anyone’s guess? Perhaps there is a spot within the cage that is wider then the rest of the cage?? I went and left the door open just in case this happens again! At least the little bird was out of the snow in the cage…… and my little girl aussie has common sense to let me know when something is wrong within our world.

Wild critters can get themselves into situations all by themselves, well our pets can too!!

Thank you for coming by and reading our little experience last night here in the High Desert of Oregon!

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