Meet Rosie Cheeks the woodpecker that I talk about on twitter!

Rosie Cheeks is the name I gave this wild Flicker Woodpecker for this woodpecker has already given me hours of entertainment. Keeping in mind naming wildlife is not the wisest thing for some day Rosie Cheeks for some reason will stop coming by everyday. Though I dont want to think about that!

Notice the red cheek color, and the red on the tail feathers. This will be spoken about later on.

These photographs were taken in December 29, 2014 as it was snowing, and snow was on the ground. In these shots Rosie Cheeks is perched on the six foot high dog kennel we have. The background there is to our “NO CAT”, zone and the wild birds do feel safe at this spot.

Rosie Cheeks is at the point “he”, I call Rosie Cheeks a male for his color is bright however Rosie Cheeks has no way of communicating with me if he is a “he”, or a “she”. Rosie Cheeks appears young to me just because of his behavior. Rosie Cheeks is a fat bird as well! I have a feeling our bird feeders help with this body weight ? I also make sure the wild birds have fresh water in such weather and I do clean the bird feeders . Wildlife has a way of spreading “things”, I just assume all the birds visiting us do not get…..

It appears Rosie Cheeks is going to take of flying right? No, not at this point. Rosie Cheeks is used to me and my camera, however just letting me know not to get to close!!

Now for why I wanted you to pay attention to colors! This Woodpecker I do not know. Same snowy day in late December. Though this Flicker Woodpecker was not used to me, my camera or the feeder!

Rosie Cheeks (above photographs), will come to this hanging feeder, or the flat feeder. Rosie Cheeks really dose not care! Rosie Cheeks will also not pay much attention to me, while this one was skittish. Notice how slim this Flicker Woodpecker is?

Notice the Yellow colors of the tail feathers? Rosie Cheeks has the red, this one has the Yellow. Yellow is also accented under the wings however those photographs really did not come out well enough to show you…. This Flicker Woodpecker with the yellow feathers was rather neat to see , and flashy!!

As this Yellow Flicker Woodpecker was at the feeder, Rosie Cheeks is up in the tree waiting “his”, turn to feed. The two were not real interested in sharing. Another reason I feel Rosie Cheeks is young is how Rosie Cheeks backed way off to this yellow Flicker. Though this yellow Flicker Woodpecker could have been a older male, thus Rosie Cheeks backing off??

This Yellow Flicker Woodpecker did not stick around long. Not sure at this moment if it ever came back? Only way to know this is if I have photographs or not…. if no photographs I just cant remember.

This is Rosie Cheeks up in the tree. The one photograph has a Ring Neck Dove in the background. Then Rosie Cheeks is flying off showing his red feathers, and white on his behind.

Rosie Cheeks is still coming by to this day. Predicting in another two hours Rosie Cheeks will start showing up the first time for this has been the woodpeckers routine. Rosie Cheeks shows up here quite a few times a day and I feel is wintering nearby somewhere? There is also a nest not far off a walk from home and Rosie Cheeks could be from that nest?? I did a photo shoot of the male and female Flicker Woodpeckers that were nesting, however I walked away due to the fact of freaking them out! I started feeling sorry for them for my intrusion.

Thank you for coming by and now if you seen the one photograph in twitter I have of Rosie Cheeks, you can see more photographs of the not so small woodpecker who shows up here at my home.

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