Meet one of the most hated birds in our area, the European Starling, or just plain old Common Starling.

Some report that Shakespeare himself brought it here, then others claim a Shakespeare fan brought them here to America. I personally think a fan brought them here, this is nothing more then my thoughts. Nothing backs up this thought of mine that I am aware of.

The European Starling has been here in America longer then some people have been. Unlike other birds that have been brought to America, the Starling has done remarkably well!! They can be quite aggressive, they will nest in any crack one has in their roofs, and being farm country as we are……. They kill off native species by eating everything in site, leaving nothing for the native species.

With all that nasty stuff out of the way, aren’t they pretty birds?! Yes some bird folks will not be happy by me saying I just can not see any bird drowning in our pond so yes, I have doctored fledglings back to health. Amazing how many critters here in America are not supposed to be here, but they are.

You got to give some credit to this species. All the birds we see today have been born here in the USA. Unlike the barn owl , the state has yet to issue a state wide slaughter on this song bird species.

If the European Starling was not so darn pretty of a bird…… the Starling is so noisy in flocks I feel it brings in less common birds to our home. Winter and Summer! I seen just the other day a European Starling taking on a Flicker Woodpecker! The woodpecker being bigger of course! Not sure who won? The two took it to the air and by the time I moved to see the happening they were both out of my site. The Flicker Woodpecker still comes around!!

The European Starling is full aware of the rules here at my home about photographs. This one allowed me these photographs which are not cropped or nothing only because of the hanger it is perched on. I made that out of baling twine. When we had the horses we had so much of it around that I took it and made such things with it for the twine lasts a long time out in the nasty weather!! Bailing twine also comes in a few colors, but the orange is most common.

We have had more European Starlings this fall/winter then in the past. I feel it is only because they set up shop in a nearby rental and with this crazy weather we have been having I am feeding a little more with the sunflowers and other flowers from the garden being eaten up rather early due to the weather confusing all of us!! As I mentioned in Twitter to someone, I have flowering plants in the garden still green looking like they are confused as to grow or not to grow?

At this time there was snow on the ground, this is what is making up the background. Lets face it, background in a photo is just as important as the subject…..

I am a firm believer that the common birds tell the uncommon birds where a good spot to be is. So like I said I can not be to harsh on the European Starling. I think they are very pretty birds! Last year it was the House Sparrows we had so many of, this year 2014,  it looks like the Starlings will be the dominant species? Time will tell…..

Thank you for coming by and checking out my series of photographs of the European Starling I got on this day in the high desert of Oregon!

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  1. Starlings? Hmmm. I do not yet share your fondness for these birds. They appear in the Pittsburgh yard in groups of 8 or more, search the ground for unknown food, and leave to parts unknown. I think that they have displaced native birds, and they may well rob established nests, though I cannot ever remember having seen a starling nest. They do not earn ‘How cutes!’ from folks, and finally, the legendary birders of whom i have read, dismiss or disdain them. What I acknowledge is that they are here, and they seem to fit in, effortlessly.That you engaged your readers in this unique subject is to your credit.

    1. Hi there Jeff, I see the hatred extends to your part of the USA. You may not see their nests so easily for they maybe nesting in your neighbors roof!! Like many who have long ago came to America, originally not found here, have done very well!
      Like the mass slaughter of one of our owls here in my state to make room for another species of owl, not sure how such a state wide or USA wide slaughter would take place for this starling? Heck, the starling may even come out of such a thing stronger then before?? They are survivors!
      All I can say is, just be careful of what folks bring back with them from other countries right?? Whatever creature, big or small, may just do very well here in America!

      Thank you for your thoughts! Your thoughts are very wide spread.

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