For a couple days now this little girl has been showing up.

When I first saw her I thought what a funny looking bird. Now that I have watched her for two days now, I feel rather sorry for her. It is our fault these birds are being altered like this, or this is the way I see it. Chemicals are more likely to blame.

Birdforum  helped me identify her. Never had I thought of a deformity!

I just thought this was some bird on a migratory path since we have been having other birds showing up only for a day sometimes a week going where they are going.

I have no clue how this girl cleans herself?? As for eating, she does not do bird feeders like the others, how could she?? What she does is flies to the ground and scoops up seed into her mouth.


Someone in the birdforum put in a link to a article in Time magazine about this problem of deformed birds in the Pacific Northwest. Read that article HERE

The article claims that the deformities of our wild birds are happening more then ever before recorded. I wonder, how many more deformed birds are out there that do not get recorded?? Who does one record these types of things too?? The Fish And Wildlife agency here does not care. I was told by them that this bird would never show up again, well she proved them wrong! Though really what could they do?? They could take the information down at least….


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