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American Goldfinch Fledgling

15 Apr 2015

Meet this American Goldfinch Fledgling. This one is older then the others I have shown in another post! This one has his color coming in. Not quite all the way yet, but we can identify him as a American Goldfinch.

As with many places the American Goldfinch finds everything the bird needs here at home to raise young at. Because of this we get to see the fledglings grow up to a curtain age before they leave.

The Sunflowers are very popular with the American Goldfinch! Even the insects that live on the Sunflowers are tasty! Rarely do these American Goldfinch's need to come to the bird feeders. The garden seams to have enough growing the need to supplement their diet is just not needed here at our home. We see the American Goldfinch manly in the garden, in the trees they go and just sing and sing!!

This American Goldfinch Fledgling has been raised here and rather used to my camera's click!

A little longer and this American Goldfinch Fledgling's feathers will be full of color, loosing the "baby", look.

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of this American Goldfinch Fledgling!



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