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Common Yellowthroat

02 Dec 2017

Meet the Common Yellowthroat bird! Colorful little guy who stopped by the house for a visit!

This Common Yellowthroat visited us this time in May 2013 . I photographed this one at one of our ponds. I sat near off in my spot the birds get used to me being in as I watch and photograph the visitors we have here in the High Desert of Oregon.

This Warbler bird stands out due to the males mask, cute isnt he? From what I read the Common Yellowthroat is a common bird who breeds in our area. Not sure how many of us see them at our home? We do keep the bird area safe from such things as cats, we like this area to be inviting and safe for all birds. Our bird area did loose oh, half of its space due to city rules of where we could put the shop. The birds do not seam to mind and we even have nests and had families of wild birds being raised right here at home!

Hear their song in this video!

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