Gray Jay Bicolored Ochoco Mountains Oregon

Previous Next While deep in the Ochoco Mountains we ran across a nice flowing creek. I love running water and just had to stop!! Upon inspection of where we were it was obvious this spot had been used as a hunting camp. The legs of the elk and the “meat hangers” (we laughed for I […]

Antelope Herd Ochoco Mountains Oregon

Previous Next As morning was breaking high up in the Ochoco Mountains we came across this herd of Antelope. Of course I always look for the buck. Not just because of being charged at rutting time, but it is just good sense too. I try and center him in a photo when I find him. […]

Sunrise Deep In The Ochoco Mountains

Previous Next Friday I was not around for Guy announced Thursday night we are heading out in the morning and to make sure battery is charging and my camera bag is ready to go!! The truck, the dogs everything was ready to go as I was still wiping sleep out of my eyes early Friday […]


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