Landscape of The High Desert

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Previous Next Welcome to The High Desert of Oregon! If in the USA hope you had a good holiday weekend! Some of us choose to live here for the scenic beauty of our area. If you choose to visit our area I sure hope you ask around to find our hidden jems of Jefferson County […]

Balancing Rocks of Oregon

Previous Next At one time this was just a local place. Not to many people have been there. Now of course it has a sign and progress has moved in. There are other spots that have these balancing rocks, some day I would like to hike to the spots we have found. These remind me […]

Visit To The Ochoco Mountains

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Previous Next One place we like to get lost in is the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon! We arrived early Sunday morning. A little chilly, somewhere in the 30’s f.. I was grateful I brought warm cloths and our heater worked fine! I hope to get this post done sometime this week of June 15th 2015! […]

Cultus Lake Oregon

Cultus Lake

Previous Next One thing to be sure of here in Oregon is? We do have magnificent views! We like going to such places as Cultus Lake on the off seasons when tourists are not here. With tourism at a all time high here in our part of Oregon I like to show you when the […]

Views in Culver Oregon

Previous Next Welcome to Culver Oregon! There is so much to see and do here in Jefferson County, Lake Billy Chinook is the most popular place people come to enjoy our county. You can see why right? This is one of my most favorite spots we live near! This whole area ! When we have […]

Are You Killing The Wildlife Around You?

Today it is not so pretty outside here in the High Desert of Oregon. So I thought I would do a post. I find I get myself in way to much trouble if I do not keep busy haha The question of this post is, “Are You Killing The Wildlife Around You”? Do you even […]

Hike Into Lake Billy Chinook , Nature Photography

Previous Next Our life’s here consists of several things, hiking is a huge part of our life’s. Guy calls these “walks”, long walks! I admit I am not the fastest walker. To busy looking around I guess? We started out where Guy is looking over there. We have a spot we park the truck, head […]

Smith Rock Oregon

Smith Rock Oregon. This is another HUGE draw when in Central Oregon! The iron man competition was held here, and who knows what else! It is a rock climbers place to be.

Lake Billy Chinook Oregon

The lake (Lake Billy Chinook Oregon), was pretty choppy Saturday evening when we were heading home.


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