Today it is not so pretty outside here in the High Desert of Oregon. So I thought I would do a post. I find I get myself in way to much trouble if I do not keep busy haha

The question of this post is, “Are You Killing The Wildlife Around You”? Do you even think about such things?

The snowshoe hare was not what I had in mind when writing this. I was going to use some raccoon photographs I have, then thought well this Hare is a good example! The Snowshoe Hare is becoming harder and harder to find here in Oregon at least. Why? Over hunting, over trapping , taking away the Hares environment. Pick one.

This article got me thinking of this topic, go here to read that article. I read that article and thought well du! As I said on my facebook page, the photograph of the main creature is not healthy, so do read at your own discretion.

I still feel badly for putting corn out in the alley way where the doves land to do their thing. I thought it would be easy for them to see the corn…. did not even think about the chemical truck that came a day or so afterwards and spayed chemicals !!

Most folks if they see a mouse in their house, or a rat – typical thing to do is go buy some kind of killer for the rodent. We have all done it at some point of our lives if we are of any age….

In the snake world we have , or we had a saying when I was involved with snakes, was “dirty mice”. These were mice who were subjected to poisons and folks were catching them and selling them to pet snake owners. The owners typically did not know they were buying mice from these typically really small sellers. Only having a dozen or less mice to sell for that is all they could catch! These mice were poisoned, you know where I am going with this!!

Logic dictates if you use a slow acting poison, this poison is going to stay in the animal. If said poisoned animal gets killed, or eaten after death by a hungry predator (cannibalism), the predator will have the poison in it and up the food chain it goes. This does not effect you? Oh it doesn’t? If you do not have pets, or children I guess it dose not effect you then?

If you want wildlife around you, you will have to change your ways. If you could care less…. well I figure you would not be reading this.


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