Pine Siskin Bird In The High Desert

Pine Siskin bird T38A2112

Previous Next Meet the Pine Siskin ! Here at our home in the high desert of Oregon we get a lot of visitors. This visitor looked different so I grabbed my camera! We do get some birds heading to the Ochoco Mountains or the Cascade Mountains stop in for a bite to eat. I am […]

Buffalo In Oregon

Previous Next Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo! The leader of this pack determined by the quick observation I had was the one who was caught rolling around in images 8-9-10. What that one said went! This small group of 6 or so did not walk to their fence but ran, we have had […]

White-lined Sphinx and the Foxglove Flowers

Previous Next Meet the White-lined Sphinx. I call them hummingbird moths, always have and wrong or not I can remember this name quite easily ha! I was already in the middle of my outside chores when this moth showed up at these Foxglove flowers in this part of the garden and it seamed to make […]

Flying Western Meadowlark

Previous Next Meet the Western Meadowlark. Oregon state bird and one we have here in our area of the high desert of Oregon! On my walks I take around my town the Western Meadowlarks are a constant companion. Singing, flying by. We are a area the Western Meadowlarks dose not appear to be having survival […]

Black-headed Grosbeak

Previous Next The Black-headed Grosbeak is the monarch butterflies worst enemy! These are a species of birds who can safely eat the poisonous monarch butterfly. And is happy to do it! Here in Central Oregon , in our backyard this one did not stick around long. Came to raid the bird feeder of the morsels […]

View from the old Public Corral

View from the old Public Corral. This is what the horses at the public corral get to look at all day. We do have a few public corrals here that are still in use for the public to use. Of course the photo is formed at the bottom of the horses back that was there […]

Red-tailed Hawk Eating

Previous Next Animals have to eat, this is just the way it is. Nature can be not so nice. Animals have to eat, this is just the way it is. Birds of prey are a favorite of mine to capture with my camera. I like to get them hunting and when I get a chance, […]


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