Meet the Moss Rose Flower! This is a species of flower I really do insist on having every year. I like them, I really like them!

The Moss Rose comes in several colors! Here in the High Desert of Oregon we grow these in containers mostly. Why? Well, they tend to like peat moss based soil and more water then some of the other flowers we have. Heck we get that moss growing in the containers with these moss roses! They really like to keep moist roots, and they seam to love the morning , south east location they are in for us. We have put these in the ground where they bloomed and did ok, however I can contain them year after year in the containers!

These might be the only succulents we have ….. need to think on that more? We have tried these in other locations where they did nothing, died out!

The ants love the Moss Roses! The ants place there aphids here and there to milk the aphids. So, spraying with water ever day, twice a day helps this. The flowers dont last long and this might be the issue?? Though the flowers are in full morning sun until noonish too.

The Moss Rose comes in more colors then you can shake a stick at!

The Ross Rose blooms from spring until into the fall some years! They do not grow real tall, though they are prolific bloomers!

You will see more photographs of the Moss Roses for I have not touched many of my 2014 photographs yet! I am working on them, slowly but surely!

Thank you for coming by and checking out our Roses Moses we grow here at our home in the High Desert of Oregon!

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