As we were following the Crooked River here in Central Oregon when we ran across this pair of swans.

For some people seeing swans is nothing more than walking to your nearest park, but for us we do not have such things.  We see them in the wild or nothing at all. I think the nearest park for swans would be in Bend Oregon? Bend is a drive for us!

In one of the photographs the one swan is telling off the ducks and geese that the swans were getting to close too.  They were all alone and fairly close to where I was until they seen me, than they swam away rather quickly.

I pulled my lens back and caught a photograph of the whole show of ducks, geese and the swans in one shot.
This part of the Crooked River must be part of a cattle ranch (?), for in places there are fences and such that are placed in the river itself to keep the livestock in.
Oh and the nearest town is Post Oregon

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