The Crooked River National Grasslands is rather close to where we live here in Jefferson County Oregon , so we spend a lot of time on this 112,357 acres of land. This Grassland is part of the Ochoco National Forest consisting of 850,000 acres and for those who have kept up with my photography or blog have heard me talk quite a bit about the Ochocos.

We have a lot of such places here however this is where I captured photographs of this Western Kingbird.

I feel rather fortunate this Western Kingbird staid put long enough for photographs!

This area is super fun to go to ! This area is just a hop skip and a jump from the town of Madras Oregon, to the east. Keep in mind some of the roads are not kept up depends on the public funds. You may run into ruts etc.. so try and stay on the main roads if your vehicle is not made for these kind of roads. In spring and summer if the vegetation is higher then your chassis keep in mind you can start a wildfire quicker then anything just driving over the dry vegetation. We are after all the High Desert of Oregon!

Stop first in Madras or the other smaller towns (Culver, Metolius), for gas , water and snacks before heading out here! You will be glad you did haha!

Thank you for coming by!



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