Meet the Rufous Hummingbird that we have here at our garden more so then the other species of Hummingbird! This Rufous Hummingbird is right on time this year too! They come back every year about the same time.

I had went into the back gate when I seen this Rufous Hummingbird getting something to eat from this Columbine Flower, so you may see the “X’s”, or the lines from our fence since these photographs were taken through the dog kennel. When such a thing shows up, take the opportunity or the opportunity could be lost! wildlife just does not listen, doing what they want!

Not sure without looking through my photographs of other photographs of the Columbine Flowers attracting the Hummers? I tell folks the Columbine Flowers attract the Hummingbirds. I do say this for it is true!

Columbine Flowers are pretty easy to grow!! The species we grow our the old world style of Columbine Flowers. Meaning the species of Columbine Flowers we grow have the long spurs. The hybrid, new Columbines we have not seen the spurs. These spurs have oh, balls on the end of them. These balls are full of nectar! Insects tend to take advantage of the nectar as the bigger species of wildlife, such as the Hummingbird take advantage of the front of the flower. As you can see.

This Rufous Hummingbird to me looks like either a female or a young male. Why? Adult, breeding age males are the colorful ones! The males are the impressive looking once that you may see when you look up the Rufous Hummingbird. Though as I say without the females choosing the pretty males ~ the males would not be so flashy. Thank you females ha

There are more photographs to this series, I just put up half a dozen. I want to mention the Columbine Flowers there? They came up on their own from last year. I can not stress enough that if you want the Columbine Flowers you have to control them if you do not want them taking over the world! We like the Columbine flowers we grow, so we have them growing all over in different spots!! The Columbine Flowers we grow attract so much wildlife!! Because of the wildlife the Columbine Flowers attract, the flowers also seed real well! Yellow tends to be the base color of the species of Columbine we grow. Meaning, the Yellow Columbine grow oh five plus feet tall, they are profuse bloomers, their seeds go everywhere and if we do not control the Yellow color, that is all we will have!

The Columbine Flower this Hummingbird found attractive is our Burgundy Columbine.

This is the last photograph I got before this Rufous Hummingbird shot off to only the Hummingbird knows where! Soon we will have the young playing, eating, and hanging out here in our garden where there is colorful flowers, we water so their is something to drink. Protection for the nests and the young. The Hummingbirds after some time will confront my camera. I feel the territorial birds will again think my camera is another one of them and something to confront, run off. This of course gives me the opportunity to get such photographs that do not need cropping.

We find the Hummingbirds in the pine trees we have either on our property or near our property. The neighbors had cut down a pine tree they had and I do wonder if this is going to change the behavior of such things as the Rufous Hummingbird who is seen here in our garden? Time will tell?

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