Hello, I am Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner Coen.

I am a wildlife and nature photographer, really anything in front of my face!

Always have been involved in Wildlife – Nature. Folks who have known me through out my life find what I do now not a big surprise. We both are experienced gardeners – I have been taught organic gardening since – forever and practice this. Natural sciences, the planet in which we live has always been my fascination.

Never know what the future may hold?
I am a workaholic and enjoy what I do!

Thank you for coming by,


I have not viewed all of her work, but the pieces I have are lovely.
Melissa Ruede
The best Wild Life Photographer I know.
Harold Michael Harvey
Mrsroad Runner’s wildlife photography is the best I have ever seen. She captures interesting moments in time with her pictures.
Debbie Rodgers
A wonderful nature photographer. An excellent eye!
Risa Golding
Mrsroad Runner’s wildlife photos are terrific. I love when she posts something new. I’ve also used her shots of hawks and eagles as inspiration for some of my books.
Marva Dasef
wonderful work. Love the pictures.
Allan Quick
Definitely recommend for some of the most beautiful wildlife and nature shots that I have ever seen! A true friend too and also very friendly and approachable too! WTG sweet lady!
Deb Johnson
I highly recommend her as a photographer! She has a great eye for composition! She is a wonderful person too!
Heather Campbell
I just love Mrs Road’s Wildlife Nature photography She does wonderful work! Keep it up Mrs road runner 😀
Natalie Blanchette
No doubt about it, Coralie’s work deserves 5 Stars. It is Excellent. She captures the Heavenly Artist’s splendor in beautiful wildlife and nature photography.
Rick Coen
Coralie and I have spoken several times regarding subjects in our photography, including locales where the rare sightings are readily seen in the Pacific Northwest. Though I lean on scenic photography, her knowledge of her surroundings has gifted her with a keen eye, and her knowledge of Depth and Compositional elements have afforded her with many excellent images of our wildlife and scenics here in Oregon and Washington. I know Coralie will strive to capture her subjects with thought and understanding, and she would be a great choice for anyone to hire for portraiture of any type. Steven Warnstaff / Wahclellaspirit
Steve Warnstaff
Mrs Road Runner is the one of the nicest people I’ve met online and never forgets her friends.
Urzay Gelsomino
Some great photo here for sure.Great widlife for sure.
Frank Vitale
Great Photography – Highly recommend!
Bill Whitmer
Do yourself a favor and check out this talented lady and all her amazing works… Brilliant!
Tricia Cox
I know MrsRoadRunner for a long time. She is an inspiration!
Laurence Northcote
An excellent wildlife photographer 🙂
Maggie Perkins
As a successful photography for over 20 years I know great work when I see it and http://mrsroadrunner.com/ is wonderfully talented..
Rod Jones Artist
constantly amazed by the intricate details in her photography.
David Fingerman
Paul Payer
She does a Beautiful Job.
Judy Wickens
Coralie is not just a photographer, anyone can be a photographer, she is an artist! Great composition,, proper settings, and knowing how to make a photo of a subject become more then just a photograph but a work of art is why I would recommend Coralie to others for any of their photography needs
Dan Tomkins
Mrsroad Runner has a natural talent for capturing wonderful and amazing wildllife in it’s natural habitat and brings you closer to nature. Just fantastic
Mary Ford

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