The Dipper is a great bird to find around unpolluted fast moving waters.  I happened to catch this one along the Metolius River.

When these dippers blink their eyes it looks funky with the white feathers, turns their eyes white!

These dippers have a extra eye lid to allow them to see underwater. Now that would be rather cool to do! It is said they have scales that close there nose when they go underwater where they get their food at.

These are funny to watch, this one just stood there and really did not mind the intrusion. Fact is I walked away before this dipper went away. This dipper new it was safe. 

I wrote the above words back in November of 2010. Not to much has changed of my thoughts of the American Dipper. I still like to watch them when we go to moving waters such as the Metolius River. I did notice photographs never made it to the website as many of my photographs dont, no other reason then another batch of photographs gets my attention.

Conservation issues of 2014. I did a search and did not find anything here in my state. I can only guess their population is doing fine here where we have so many fast running rivers, cascades etc.. ? Sounds like things are different in the east of the USA. Though to be honest the material I read was rather old.

Thank you for coming by checking out my photographs and little write up!

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