Hoverfly On The Cosmos Flower Bloom

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly. I have several other posts of the Hoverfly. This Hoverfly is busy on a Cosmos Flower Bloom. Hoverflies are beneficial to our gardens! I ran across someones post gosh it was lately, however I cant remember whose? As if I would name drop anyways which I try not to do….. […]

Life on The Columbine Flower

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flower and the pollinators the Columbine attract to your garden! Many of us gardeners are getting ready for the season of outdoor flower beds and vegetable beds. We are no different! The excitement of colors, smells and the visitors can get overwhelming for some of us! Specially those who are […]

Hoverfly a Beneficial Insect

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly! In the last four years of writing about my photography you may have seen several posts about the Hoverfly? The family of the Hoverfly is a pretty large family. I welcome the Hoverfly to our garden at least this species ( Scaeva pyrastri (?) to be technical), they are a […]

Bachelor Button Flower and The Hoverfly

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly. This is one of the species of Hoverflys we have here at home. The flower in which the Hoverfly is working on is the Bachelor Button Flower or the Cornflower I notice in Europe (or my European friends call them the Cornflower). The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower is […]


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