Meet the Gloriosa Daisy! Much like the Black Eyed Susan however the Gloriosa has more color!

We looked and looked for seeds and I had to go to the internet to get the seeds shipped to our home to plant.

Several plants with several colors of the Gladiosa Flowers sprang up! These photographs are from September 6 of 2014 in our garden.

If you would like to see a bigger photograph of the photo’s here just click on them and they will take you to my main website and to the folder these Gloriosa Flowers are at.

As you can see by the photograph above, the Gloriosa Daisy comes in several colors!

The Gloriosa Flowers like the north and the east part of our garden. I did have several blooming late in the year in the South facing part of the garden here in the high desert of Oregon. Most grew well and bloomed well in the north facing.

I did pick out several photographs to show you here. There are more in the Gloriosa Daisy Flower Bloom folder.

Because these are so close to the black eyes susan flowers the above flower bloom looks very much like the sister flowers. If you notice the color the black eyed susan does not have?

Thank you for coming by and seeing my photographs! Many more photographs to come!


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