While visiting the High Desert of Oregon you may want to remember to look up! Sometimes flying far up, sometimes coming a tad bit closer are the birds! Like this Red Tailed Hawk!

If you listen you may hear them calling, or as this one was doing above me here at home – hunting!

Hunting for something to eat brings the birds like this Red Tailed Hawk into town. We do not only see the Red Tailed Hawks in our town that most folks just speed through not even realizing we are a town! I have photographed several species of Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Harriers….. Falcons, Kestrel mmmmmm, Osprey, Herons,Vultures gosh that is what I can recall off the top of my head.

Here the Hawk is making a circle, circling. That is what the bigger birds do to gain altitude. This is the time of the year if you pay attention you will see these big nests, sometimes right out the door of peoples homes! These Hawks tend to blend in with people. Even use people to help them catch something to eat!

Nothing some of these birds of prey like more then people who do not watch their pets! Not just chickens or a bunny rabbits either! If you pay attention you may just see one of these Red Tailed Hawks caring snakes back home! They do more good then harm! Many of us like to see them and leave them alone. Watch them soaring, and calling to one another!

I just happen to take this ones photograph on this day while in my chair watching , observing the creatures who come by to check out what is going on! Watching them as they watch me haha!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this Red Tailed Hawk!

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