This is the Lewis’s Woodpecker I photographed here in our part of Oregon perched on a old fence post.

This is a side entrance to a old established ranch here in our part of the world outside of Madras Oregon. This entrance does not look as if it is used that much, perfect place for catching bugs!!

We have several routes we take when locally checking out the wildlife. This is one of our routes which takes us through some not so small ranches. Staying on the public roads and NOT speeding by the owners homes gets us more waves from the ranch owners then anything!

When and if the owners find out really what I am doing which is taking photographs we are typically, not always but typically met with enthusiasm and information. At times even permission to enter these ranches which the public is not allowed.

In fact this ranch has some very interesting signs to let strangers know exactly how the ranch owner feels about trespassers. Reading the signs tells me I dont want to be on this mans property without permission directly from his mouth to my ears!! Written down on a piece of paper even!!

I try to keep up with current information on the species I photograph. Information is always updating and changing! Some of the species of wildlife I photograph I do not tell the general public exactly where I photograph what due to the curiosity of the public if and a huge if the public is visiting our area. The computer is a beast all its own. Due to the privacy of these ranch owners I just assume stay on their good side.

You can see in this shot what kinds of tree’s we have where this Lewis Woodpecker was photographed in.

Conservation issues; such things as the Conservation issues I noticed is on the rise in our area of Oregon. This species is not all that common to see while out and about. It takes effort to educate folks on the benefits of seeing such a pretty bird as this and why we need to actively keep this species and others from disappearing.

The Lewis’s Woodpecker is a active bug destroyer. No chemicals needed with these birds around! The Forest Service has confirmed we do have active breeding going on in our area (Jefferson County Oregon), of these Lewis’s Woodpeckers. I photographed this species in May, shame I did not have showable photographs of it diving catching bugs! It was a site to see! Mind you this is nothing more then a private ranch, keeping in mind I was on the public road and I did see two of these, not sure if it was the same bird or??

It is difficult for conservationists, scientists, or government officials to keep track of wildlife on private land. I personally feel there is a lot more going on in our part of state then these people really know of. I think if we could get the land owners on board without making them give up their rights to, or making these ranch owners feel as if they are going to give public access to their land the wildlife would be better off?? Of course I could be wrong however the ranch owners I have known,worked for, spoken too work hard for what they have and dont appear to be the kinds of folks to just hand over their rights. I cant not say I dont blame the land owners…..

For instance, your home has a backyard. How would you feel if a stranger showed up and said, “ok this is how it is going to be”. Your children , or you are not allowed to use this much of your backyard”. Or if living in a apartment having someone tell you you can not use this bedroom or that one, however you still have to pay full rent on the whole unit. Same way with these ranch owners who have to pay taxes and other bills on the land.

Thank you for coming by looking at my photography and listening to me……hope I gave you something to think about?

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