Columbine Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flowers we grow here in our garden! Unlike my other post, “Life on the Columbine Flower”, this will be just the Columbine flowers themselves. The Columbine that we grow is the “old world”, species. That is they have beautiful spikes. The new hybrids do not have these spikes. However we […]

Cedar Waxwing Bird in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cedar Waxwing! A very pretty bird in my opinion and when a flock of these fruit loving birds show up they have a very distinctive call! They sometimes arrive in good sized flocks of a dozen or more to the fruit trees! The Cedar Waxwings seam to like our honeysuckle we […]

Pheasant At My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Pheasant, a common game bird who is found in Oregon as well as many states here in the USA. I believed I made a post about this Pheasant, however guess I just spoke about him in social media not making a blog post about him at all! This Pheasant was living […]

Coyote Approaching in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the common Coyote ! One thing our area is known for is the Coyote. A wild dog that is not a big dog, though not a small dog either. When heading off from the house I typically tell the son where I am going, or as my parents taught me to do […]

Wilson’s Warbler Bird

Previous Next Meet the male Wilson’s Warbler ! This is one of our visitors to the garden and the small pond in 2014! Like a flash this man flew in to get a drink and perhaps something to eat. Being a insect songbird this small bird darts here and there. Stopping for brief times. The […]

honey bee on a bachelor button flower

Previous Next Most folks know of the Honey Bee? If not here is a example of the Honey Bee! The flower the Honey Bee is working on is a Bachelor Button. I make it no secrete that our place comes to life in spring and summer! The HUMMMM of the bee’s of all shapes, forms, […]

Swimming Frog In Oregon

Previous Next Meet one of our frogs that more then likely was born and raised here on our small piece of property! We bought the prefabricated ponds placing them within the natural ponds to save on water. Drought conditions and all, and well we wondered if such things as the frogs would still be able […]

White-lined Sphinx and the Foxglove Flowers

Previous Next Meet the White-lined Sphinx. I call them hummingbird moths, always have and wrong or not I can remember this name quite easily ha! I was already in the middle of my outside chores when this moth showed up at these Foxglove flowers in this part of the garden and it seamed to make […]

Flight of The Bumble Bee

Previous Next Meet one of my visitors! I have shown other photographs gotten of what I call a bumblebee. This little series of shots taken in June of 2014 are on one of my many Lupine Flowers. My observation of everything around me began as a child as many peoples had. I just never stopped. […]

Poppy Flowers In The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Poppy Flower! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower. One thing all Poppy flowers have in common is the seed pod. When dried they are like salt and pepper shakers! Many of us have learned this from childhood and it is a good way of remembering them! Above photograph is a […]


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