Mule Deer Doe and Fawns

Previous Next Mule Deer is what you will commonly see here on this side of the Cascade Mountains here in Oregon. The Mule Deer are a big species of deer here in the USA and do blend right in with their surroundings. Seeing a Doe with more then one fawn is a neat thing to […]

Red-tailed Hawk In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Red-tailed Hawk of The High Desert of Oregon! If you visit here and see a Hawk, this might just be the Hawk you see first? You may see the Red-tailed Hawk in a topped Juniper as this one is. Why the topped Juniper trees? The Red-tailed Hawks are not small birds, […]

White Lily Blooms

Previous Next Meet the white Lily Bloom ! This Lily is just one of the Lilies in our Lily Patch! The white Lilies add a touch of color to the patch! The Lily Patch has grown rather full so I dug up one of the clusters and moved them to the front just the other […]

Cosmos Flower Blooms in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cosmos Flower. Many colors to choose from! Here in the high desert, with good soil and lots of water the Cosmos do great!! Actually, I think they would do ok if I did not water so much? We did throw down seed in places that other plants had a hard time […]

White Crowned Sparrows Wintering in the High Desert

Previous Next These are the White Crowned Sparrows that winter with us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon. We have them here right now, however these shots are from when the snow was flying in February of this year (2014). These White Crowned Sparrows reuse the garden flower stalks as nice […]

Wild Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

Previous Next Butterflies are fascinating creatures big and small! Watching them flutter from this place or that place is quite the hobby for many people. I am no different! On this day as I was out tending the flowers I noticed this little one fluttering here and there and thought what the hay , lets […]

A Walk Around The Cascades

Previous Next The Cascade Mountains are named because of the cascades within them. It is a treat to get to see a cascade that is full of water. These small waterfalls can be very fun!! Very slippery, so be careful while I show you around!! Now it is rather easy to take many photographs, you […]

Oregon Western Meadowlark

Previous Next I was tickled to finally get this meadowlark sitting still long enough for a photograph to be taken. These birds are quick, and around here are not all that trusting of people. They usually take off as soon as attention has been brought to whichever one I happen to see. In 1927 Oregon […]


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