Buffalo In Oregon

Previous Next Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo! The leader of this pack determined by the quick observation I had was the one who was caught rolling around in images 8-9-10. What that one said went! This small group of 6 or so did not walk to their fence but ran, we have had […]

Old Homestead Oregon

1 old west ranch 201

Previous Next I take a lot of photographs, with this said I do not ever think I posted about this old homestead? Here in our part of the world, to get to anywhere we choose to take the back roads. We can take the more traveled roads, but this takes all the fun out of […]

Wild Frog Eating in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet this wild Frog Who had just ate something?? I come into this happening a little late so i did not actually see what this frog got itself to eat? As you can see it looks like along with something to eat it got some goobers too. Keep in mind these wild creatures […]

Iris Flowers In My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Bearded Iris Flowers. Most of our Bearded Iris Flowers are the “Tall” species. We have had these  Bearded Iris flowers so long we have forgot their names. Yes flowers actually have names the breeders give them ha! In 2015 we will have a dozen or so more colors of the Bearded […]

Junco Bird in White

Previous Next Meet the Junco Bird who spends time here at the house. This one I thought was special due to the white feathers on the back and…. A lot of white on the tail feathers, and….. The white chin feathers! We have many Junco Birds here though this one stood out due to the […]

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Previous Next We came across many of these caterpillars feeding on Nettle and some other plants. I believe it was stinging nettle, however the plant it was feeding on was not the subject I was photographing. These beautiful Caterpillars is what I was photographing. The Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar is supposed to be the red/orange […]

Green Eyed Bee and The Honey bees Nature Photo

Previous Next There was so many honeybees at the community garden I went to yesterday! I was doing all I could to keep up with the honeybees and take other photographs.This is on a squash flower and I gently pulled back on of the peddles to see what was inside. Many bees were inside doing […]

Buck In Rut Charging Oregon Wildlife

Previous Next I photograph several Antelope bucks every year here in Central Oregon. Never had one charge me before!! Like all the rest of the Antelope Buck I went after in the past to get a good shot. This one at first stopped allowed me a couple shots than moved behind some brush. I thought […]

Spring Has Awaken The Flowers Photography

Previous Next Flower season has started!! I love photographing our flowers!! So far bachelor buttons, Poppy,Iris, many wildflowers , and fruit trees are in bloom! Here are some photographs I have gotten recently! Written 2011


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