Landscape of The High Desert

scene down in the canyon 084

Previous Next Welcome to The High Desert of Oregon! If in the USA hope you had a good holiday weekend! Some of us choose to live here for the scenic beauty of our area. If you choose to visit our area I sure hope you ask around to find our hidden jems of Jefferson County […]

Balancing Rocks of Oregon

Previous Next At one time this was just a local place. Not to many people have been there. Now of course it has a sign and progress has moved in. There are other spots that have these balancing rocks, some day I would like to hike to the spots we have found. These remind me […]

Honeybee Arrival In Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next This is a typical bigger Honeybee operation that goes on in agricultural areas such as ours. These Honeybee’s arrive by train. This area is a holding lot. Much like a cattle holding lot, however these are Honeybee’s. You will not find this quantity of hives in someone’s backyard! I do not advice anyone […]

Pygmy Horned Lizard Of Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next Meet the protected Pygmy Short-Horned Lizard who lives here with us in Jefferson County Oregon! Like other species of wildlife I have photographed these Pygmy Horned Lizard came from east of Madras Oregon. These little guys blended in so well I was afraid the dogs were going to step on them!! Though do […]

Closed Henderson Flat OHV Trail System Oregon

Closed. One thing we deal with here when out taking photographs. Roads are closed here, trails and some roads are closed to campers and such. GPS systems may have a road on them, but if they are open or even good roads around here, is a different story!! 2010


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